Current Group Members

Young-June Kim

Ph. D. Harvard, B. S. Seoul National University. Professor of Physics

Wentao Jin

Ph.D. Peking University. Wentao joined our group in September 2017 as a HEATER Postdoctoral Fellow. He is working on understanding magnetic properties of iridates using resonant inelastic and elastic scattering techniques.

Yanyun Hu

Yanyun is a Ph. D. candidate. She is working on understanding local structure of skutterudites thermoelectric materials using XAFS.

Bo Yuan

Bo is a Ph. D. candidate, working on x-ray and neutron scattering investigation of strong-spin orbit coupled magnets.

Mike (Hongyoul) Park

Mike is a M. Sc. candidate, working on RuCl3 based 2D materials using scanning transmission x-ray microscopy.

Subin Kim

Subin is a M. Sc. candidate, working on the synthesis of Kitaev materials.


Past Group Members

Jennifer Sears (Ph. D. 2017)

Sae Hwan Chun (PDF 2016-2017)
Staff Scientist
Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (XFEL)

Pat Clancy (PDF 2011-2016)
Assistant Professor
Trent University

Randy Belanger (M. Sc. 2016)
Ph. D. candidate
Institute for Aerospace Studies
University of Toronto

Andreea Lupascu (Ph. D. 2015)
Financial consulting

Kemp Plumb (Ph. D. 2014)
Assistant Professor
Brown University

Hlynur Gretarsson (Ph. D. 2013)
Research Scientist
Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart, Germany

David Ellis (Ph. D. 2010)
Research Scientist
Technion, Israel

Jung Ho Kim (PDF 2006-08)
Staff Scientist
Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory

Aharon Kagedan (M. Sc. 2006)
Royal Bank of Canada

Shun He (M. Sc. 2008)

Kyle Hwangbo (2014-2015)
Grad student, University of Toronto

Abhinav Jindal (Summer 2015)
Grad student, University of Toronto


Matthew Mackay (Summer 2015)
Undergrad student, University of Toronto


Andrew Gomes (Summer 2015)
Undergrad student, University of Toronto

Jimmy Kim (Summer 2014)
Grad Student, Northwestern University

Matthew Sunohara (Summer 2014)
Grad student, University of Toronto

Amirreza Abdolmaleki (Summer 2012-2013)
Medical school

Ramanjit Sohal (Summer 2013)
Grad student, UIUC

Anthony Ardizzi (Summer 2013)
Grad student, Caltech

Colin Merkel (B. A. Sc. 2013)
Graduate student, University of Toronto

Manila Songvilay (Summer 2012)
Ph. D. student, CEA Saclay, France

Harris Chan (Summer 2012)
Undergrad student, University of Toronto

Zixin Nie (Summer 2011, 2012)

Wentao Jin (Exchange student 2010)
Juelich centre for neutron science, Germany

Haejoon Cho (Summer 2009)
Graduate student, University of Toronto

Hardeep Sanghera (Summer 2009)
Graduate student, Stanford University

Mike Wan (Summer 2008)
Graduate student, UC Berkeley

Jerod Wagman (Summer 2005-2008)
Ph. D. in physics, McMaster University

Mark Bumagin (Summer 2008)

Alex Klotz (Summer 2007)
Graduate student, McGill University

Amir Gershon (Summer 2007)
Graduate student, York University

Arghavan Safavi-Naini (Summer 2006)
Ph. D., MIT

James Rivett-Carnac (Summer 2006)
Engineer at Singapore Technologies Kinetics

Trisha Farooque (Summer 2005)
Graduate student, University of Toronto

Benjamin Leung (Summer 2005)
Graduate student, Yale University

Devesh Bekah (Summer 2005)
Graduate student, Ryerson University