Home page of Young-June Kim research group at University of Toronto physics department

About us

We are an experimental condensed matter physics group at University of Toronto, carrying out research on quantum materials. We are also interested in developing novel spectroscopic tools used in materials research. If you are interested in joining us see the FAQ page for prospective students.

Quantum materials research

Advanced materials are playing increasingly important roles in shaping the modern world. Quantum mechanics plays a fundamental role in determining physical properties of such materials as superconductors, thermoelectrics, multiferroics, and magnets. Our group’s research focuses on discovering new quantum materials and understanding their magnetic and electric properties using advanced spectroscopic techniques using x-ray and neutrons. Read more…


Big facilities, table-top physics

Since both x-rays and neutrons penetrate deep inside materials, we can gain microscopic understanding of their properties. Some of our important research activities are based in big facilities where we can get extremely intense x-ray and neutron beams, which allows us to obtain unprecedentedly detailed information about the magnetic and electronic excitation spectrum of quantum materials. When we travel to use these big facilities (SNS, CLS, APS, NSLS, etc…), we are allocated “beam time”, during which we can use the “beam line” for our own experiment -- sort of table-top style. Read more…

McLennan Physical Labs
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Phone: (416) 978-7868
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