Ph.D. / Masters Recipients



Mathew Galloway
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Thesis: Currently Embargoed






Susan Redmond
PH.D Student, Princeton University

Masters Thesis: Thermal Design and Control for Stratospheric Balloon-borne Telescopes






Javier Romualdez
NSERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Princeton University Department of Physics

Thesis:  Design, Implementation, and Operational Methodologies for Sub-Arcsecond Attitude Determination, Control, and Stabilization of the Super-pressure Balloon-borne Imaging Telescope (SuperBIT)




Ivan Padilla
Assistant Research Scientist

Johns Hopkins University department of Physics and Astronomy

Thesis: Probing cosmic inflation with the Spider experiment (Currently embargoed)




Steven Li

Steven Li
Aerospace Engineer

Graduate Student, Princeton University

 Masters Thesis: The Frequency and Modal System Identification of the Balloon-borne Imaging Testbed






Natalie Gandilo 
Assistant Research Scientist 
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 

 Thesis: Probing Interstellar Grain Alignment with Balloon-borne Submillimeter Observations





Jamil Shariff
Systems Engineering Department,
MDA Corporation

Thesis:  Polarimetry from the Stratosphere with SPIDER and BLASTPol





Steve Benton

Steve Benton
Associate  Research Scholar 
Princeton University Physics Department

 Thesis: Mapping Submillimetre Polarization with BLASTPol






Laura Fissel

Laura Fissel
Assistant Professor
Queen's University

Thesis: Probing the Role Played by Magnetic Fields in Star Formation with BLASTPol 





Juan Soler

Juan Soler 
Postdoctoral Fellow
Service d'Astrophysique
CEA/Saclay. France.

 Thesis: In Search of an Imprint of Magnetization in the Balloon-borne Observations of the Polarized Dust Emission from Molecular Clouds






Marzieh Farhang

 Thesis: High Precision Cosmology with CMB Data







Marco Viero

Marco Viero 
KIPAC Fellow

Thesis: Correlations in the Cosmic Far-infrared Background at 250, 350, and 500 μm Reveal Clustering of Star-forming Galaxies 





Don Wiebe

Don Wiebe 
Research Faculty
University of British Columbia

Thesis: BLAST: A Balloon-borne, Large-Aperture, Submillimetre Telescope







Enzo Pascale
la Sapienza (Rome)

 Thesis: The Balloon-borne Large Aperture Sub-mm Telescope: BLAST





Sasa Nedeljkovic

 Thesis: TREX: A small antenna RF spectrometer







Carrie MacTavish 
Teacher of Physics
Francis Holland School

Thesis: CMB angular power spectra and cosmological implications from the 2003 LDB flight of the BOOMERANG telescope







Prof Barth Netterfield
Prof. C. Barth Netterfield
Balloon Borne Astrophysics
University of Toronto 

Dept. Of Physics 
60 St. George  Street 
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A7

Lab: ES4150 
Phone: (416) 845-0946
Lab Phone: (416) 946-0946