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Local information:

  • Surrounding area map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Dlx1uQ-yTnVPK7i8B7WagvsOSt0&usp=sharing
  • Banks/Automatic Teller Machines - ATMs for cash. There is an ATM in the Rexall indicated on the map. There are also some ATMs in and around campus. Some nearby locations are located on the map by magenta markers.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall are convenient locations to get things like soap, shampoo,  toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc. as well as snacks. They are indicated on the map by green markers. Note: dormitory does not have shampoo and only has small towels, so you may want to pick up a towel at Winners & HomeSense.
  • There are some places to eat around the University of Toronto campus, notably along College Street and down Spadina Avenue.
    • For a quick bite/snacks, Sid's Cafe, a food court style eating area, is a short walk north along St. George Street (1). There's a Tim Hortons as well as a 7-Eleven at the northeast corner of College and Spadina (2). You can also find some fast food at Burger King across the street, as well as a Booster Juice and Mr. Sub. Going east along College (3), you can also find some quick places to eat, including a Subway, Quick Pita, Burritos, and Second Cup. There are also a few Pubs along College, including Einstein Cafe (just across from the Fields Institute) and Prenup Pub.
    • If you're looking for a longer/sit-down meal, a popular lunch spot for people who work in the area is Baldwin Street (4). Here you can find a variety of cuisines, as well as dessert spots. You can also find quite a few places (mostly Eastern-style cuisine) along Spadina, going south of College (5). South of College and west of Spadina, you can find Kensington Market (6), which is a popular location with a variety of restaurants and cafés – you can usually find some interesting food here.
    • Although a bit further from U of T, there are plenty of restaurants along Dundas Street, east of University Ave (7). This is a popular area for lunch or dinner with lots of food options.


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