Group Members

Debra Wunch - PI

I am an Associate Professor in the Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Physics group in the Department of Physics, cross-appointed to the School of the Environment.

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Nasrin Pak- Postdoctoral Scholar

Nasrin obtained her MSc in Physics from the University of Calgary in 2013. Her thesis was on atmospheric CO2 leak detection from Carbon Capture and Storage sites. Her research involved laboratory experiments, instrument design, field experiments and air dispersion modelling. After working for two years as an air quality scientist in a consulting firm, she decided to return to academia as a PhD student by joining Dr. Debra Wunch group. The focus of her research is on development of a methane emission inventory for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The research involves total column measurements as well as in-situ measurements of methane in GTA.

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Lawson Gillespie - PhD Student

Lawson Gillespie joined Dr. Wunch's group in September 2019. His PhD research focuses on quantifying methane in the urban environment using a variety of measurement techniques, including ground based total column measurements, mobile in-situ measurements, and utilizing low-cost gas sensors for in-situ measurements.

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Sabrina Madsen - PhD Student

Sabrina Madsen started her PhD at the University of Toronto in September 2019 and shortly after joined Dr. Wunch’s research group. Her research focuses on using satellite-based measurements of radiation emitted by plants during photosynthesis, known as solar-induced fluorescence, in combination with model estimates to better constrain biogenic fluxes in urban areas.

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Liz Cunningham - PhD Student

Liz Cunningham joined Dr. Wunch’s research group at the beginning of their PhD in 2017. Liz’s research focusses on improving the retrievals of carbonyl sulphide (OCS) from the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) of ground based Fourier transform infrared spectrometers. OCS is a gas of interest because it has the potential to be used as a proxy for photosynthesis in terrestrial ecosystems. In addition to their research, Liz is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion work in STEM spaces. Liz co-founded Physibility, a student run equity group in the physics department. Liz is also the recipient of the 2021 UCAR Next Generation Fellowship Diversity and Inclusion track. With this fellowship Liz will be working in UCAR’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion where they will be researching best practices in improving accessibility in the workplace.

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Jon-Paul Mastrogiacomo - PhD Student

Jon-Paul Mastrogiacomo joined Prof. Wunch's group in September 2021. His research focuses on quantifying greenhouse gas enhancement ratios from urban areas using satellite data products.

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Olalekan Balogun - Postdoctoral Fellow

Olalekan holds a Ph.D. in Physical Geography with a specialization in Climatology. His doctoral research focused on the impacts of climate change on mesoscale wind patterns, surface energy balance, and northern peatland carbon cycling in the Hudson Bay Lowlands region of Canada. Olalekan joined Prof. Debra Wunch’s group in May 2022. Funded by the Canadian Space Agency, his research is focused on understanding how satellite measurements of carbon monoxide can constrain Boreal Forest fire emissions and improve chemical transport and fire emissions models. In addition, he aims to help reduce the uncertainty in Canada’s anthropogenic methane emissions in urban areas.

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Former Group Members

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